About LBS Consult

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Power of Social Media

I am a social media coach and publicist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have had my own company since 1998 and been in PR for more years than that. Social Media is a passion of mine and I have been involved in it since the genesis of My Space. I love the “social” part of it! And the power of the new media to impact lives personally and in businesses! Interacting with your customers, engagement is the rule of the day and the venues are everywhere! To name a few: Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Quora and now Google Plus! The possibilities are endless. It’s truly and New Media Information Age. And I am part of it. I want to help you to be too!

I love my Lord, my family and friends and my clients who are my family to me. I serve them wholeheartedly and with every ounce of my energy. My very first PR and Social Media clients were musicians and authors, not they run the gamut from sporting events to the fiber optics industry.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”  William James

“Life is good if you don’t weaken.” Winifred Warner – my husband’s grandmother

God bless and make it a great day!

Libby Baker Sweiger

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