Happily Tweeting for Business

I have a new client, Data Wise Business Solutions. I really like working with them because their principal is a good guy, and I think their products are great. They do Employee Satisfaction surveys and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. With the Employee Satisfaction Surveys, their key thinking is and I believe it’s true: “Happy  Employees Equal Happy Customers.” Of course Happy Employees are also more productive, stay with their companies, contribute more to the bottom line and generally put the whole company in a better mood. They also do key action planning to implement the changes suggested by employees comments in the surveys!

I love working for an organization that can help put companies in a better mood. I named their Twitter account @Happiness_BIZ! Because it’s true. Data Wise is in the happiness business. In these hard times, people have been gutting it out working hard to get and keep their jobs. Many are restless and wearing out. Happiness people coming in, surveying them, following up with action planning on their areas of concern. Teaching management what the employees need to be happy and wow it is a whole new ball game!

Tweeting is fun for @Happiness_BIZ, tweeting Happiness Quotes :), motivational goodies, articles on what makes employees happy or un. Very fun! And soon I’ll be tweet blog posts from the new web site we’ve been working on.

Stay tuned, Happiness is in the air!

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